Products & Services | Sourcing

As a one-stop provider of sourcing services, Westbay is committed to taking care of every aspect of the supply process, from processing the initial enquiry to delivering the finished products to the final destination. Our sourcing services include:

Supplier Selection

Based on your product and quality specifications, we identify the most suitable manufacturer to meet your project requirements. We use our extensive database and network resources to compare and utilize the strengths of multiple manufacturers who can meet your product specifications in order to secure the most competitive bids for the highest quality products.

Production Oversight and Quality Control

In order to guarantee the highest quality, our team delivers pre-production samples for your approval before proceeding with production. We also perform on-site inspection at the manufacturing plants and pre-shipment inspection of quality, quantity and packing.

Logistics and Shipment

Our team takes care of evaluating shipping options, handling shipping arrangements, completing export documentation and coordinating Customs clearance.