Pierpont International

Five and half years ago we teamed up with Westbay Technologies Co. and we can say this has been one of the greatest business decisions we have made. Since our partnership began, we have lowered production costs, decreased manufacturing time and increased product quality. Any one of those things alone would have been a success but we managed to get all three.

Originally, Westbay was used to bring down some manufacturing costs on a few of our low volume tools. They took these "small" jobs and brought them to us under budget and with superior quality. After those first projects we realized we had made a great discovery with a great business partner. Since then, we have been moving projects to Westbay and more importantly have worked together with Westbay to create new patented tools. With their team of engineers we have taken raw ideas for tools and moved them to working prototypes. Once the prototype testing was accomplished Westbay then moved into production. Final production quickly moved to marketing where their marketing team took over and helped design packaging and sales tools. All these processes were done in a fraction of the time any of our other manufacturers could accomplish the same projects.

We have been very pleased with our relationship with Westbay and plan to be in business together for many years in the future.

David Porter
Product Development
Pierpont International