Profile | Philosophy
The philosophy of Westbay is like the sum of E2+ P2
Here E2 stands for Effective and Efficient, P2 for Proficient and Partnership.
We make ideas of our customers become reality. Westbay manages initial design through the process of development, production, quality control, assembly, packaging and logistics.
Our flat company structure and the specialists in every stage of product development makes every process well monitored. When adjustments have to be made it can be done in a matter of hours, instead of weeks like in traditional companies.
We have specialists in every stage of product development from design, production, assembly, packaging, to logistics, securing high quality and understanding of what our customers needs are.
We don't just sell products to customers, we invest in our clients by helping them develop there product and inventing new products free of charge. Where building up long term partnerships with our clients so we can continue improving the quality and efficiency of our clients products.